George Benaroya


Vice President Finance

Global Sales Growth

Pricing strategy, policy

and optimization;

Sales growth plan;

Distributor selection and management;

Sales Analytics, any ERP system dashboards;

Strategic plan/blueprint development, alignment & implementation  

Market segmentation, cannibalization

Visited clients in over 180 countries to enable companies to sell more units, at a higher price, which were produced at a lower cost.              Read More


Manufacturing cost reduction,

low-cost strategy, global footprint; 

Global Distribution centers;

Exchange risk elimination;

Price controls management

Board responsibility for decisions on how to price a product and implementation of low-cost strategies             Read More

Business Transformation

Business transformation plans;


Global Shared Services implementation & management;


Hackett, “how-to” reduce SG&A;


Global SAP implementation

Legal entities rationalization

Led business transformation plans and the implementation of Global Shared Services in North America, Europe and Asia (5 global implementations, 3 industries)                                   Read More


Global consolidation

IFRS, US GAAP, Financial accounting

Actionable management information

Faster closing cycle

Annual budgeting process

Financial planning and analysis

4.4.5 Implementation

C-suite experience

Board of Directors exposure 

As Global Controller, led the transformation of the financial planning and analysis function through structural design, process improvements, and systems application to a performance culture to spur profitable growth.

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M&A Identification & Negotiation


Due Diligence


Post-Merger integrations

 Minority stakeholders share buyout


Business Turn-around 

Developed an M&A database & M&A process enabling companies to close faster than anyone else.

Spearheaded identification of brands and companies to acquire and built the business case.

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Working Capital

Account receivables reduction,

direct debit and ACH

Credit risk policy

Credit card payments


Foreign exchange risk elimination 


Global inventory management

Decreased account receivables by 90% through direct debit and ACH implementation by personally visiting clients and explaining to them the benefits.

Led the implementation of credit card payments to suppliers (2% cash rebate)

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