George Benaroya


Vice President Finance



“Never before did a CFO from any supplier come to visit me to show me how to improve my cash flow. We will continue doing business with Tetra Pak for a long time in recognition of Mr. Benaroya’s support during the financial crisis

- Owner, large dairy in Turkey to Tetra Pak’s CFO, October 2008




"Serious professional, strong finance background; as VP of Finance for the region he was very supportive building the bridge among the HQ and the affiliates. He has passion for what he does"

Ricardo Basque

Country Manager Ecuador-Venezuela



"I’ve had the pleasure of working with George in the challenging Near East Region and truly enjoyed his “can do “attitude, interest in people and positive approach to challenges. He gave me and my team crucial support to manage our business through drastic currency devaluation (overnight 40% devaluation) and later on, in establishing an affiliate in Central Asia. Combined with his business insights, his vast network ensured that my team was guided through every step of the complex 12-month Affiliate-project which enabled a smooth transition and received “best in class” recognition by Auditors. Even with his vast workload George frequently invested time to connect with me to offered further support. During our dealings together I found him insightful, supportive, and willing to listen and understand. I truly enjoyed working with George who led by example and with high integrity"


De Witt Burger

Emerging Markets Professional; Distributor Management and Development; P&L Management and optimization; Sales Management




"When the Board of Directors at Dawn Food Products requested a Competitive Analysis, George directed our team when we took on the task. As a natural leader George effectively delegated duties amongst a diverse team while providing feedback and coaching to his team members along the way. Upon completion of the project George successfully presented key performance ratios and year over year analysis which allowed our firm to benchmark our performance against our foreign and domestic competitors. Simply said, George has the experience and the insight of a great leader"

Josh Hibbard

Consultant | Oracle HFM Hyperion Financial Management